TriMix for Travel®

(alprostadil, papaverine, phentolamine)

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TriMix for Travel® Carry Kits™ – NO REFRIGERATION!

Trimix for Travel® Carry Kit™ (alprostadil, papaverine, phentolamine) is a unique alternative form of trimix for injection which does not have to be refrigerated. It consists of a powdered form of trimix and bacteriostatic water in separate vials.

At time of use, the bacteriostatic water reconstitutes the powdered trimix. The trimix returns to its liquid form and is injected as usual. TriMix for Travel® is made from the same ingredients as regular trimix only it requires “NO REFRIGERATION”.

TriMix for Travel® is well received by patients who formerly carried their trimix in ice packs. Active mobile patients can now more easily travel with their medicine and leave their ice packs home.

  • Vacations
  • Long weekends
  • All traveling away from home refrigerator
  • Overnight at partner’s place
  • Night on the town

Trimix for Travel®

  • Does not need refrigeration;
    • More privacy. Will not be in refrigerator for others to see.
    • Allows patient more places to discretely store away.
  • Active, mobile patients can now leave their ice packs home;
    • No embarrassing explanation necessary for TSA at the airport.
    • No need to explain to your friend why you are carrying an ice pack.
  • TriMix for Travel® is lyophilized;
    • Longer shelf life.
    • More convenient. No refrigeration.
    • Energize at time of use. Saves money.
  • Can be compounded in the same formula the patient is presently using.

For more information, call 888-818-9770.

TriMix for Travel® Carry™ Kit – Each Kit Contains:

  • Six vials containing trimix, only in powder form.
    • No refrigeration.
    • Longer shelf life.
  • Six vials bacteriostatic water which is added to the powder at time of use;
    • Powdered trimix returns to its liquid form.
    • Self-injected as usual as instructed by physician.
  • Standard syringes included.
  • Alcohol pads included.


For more information, call 888-818-9770.

Many patients appreciate the freedom of not carrying ice packs.

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