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Trimix-gel for Travel NEW
Trimix-gel NEW

When a doctor determines the right medicine is not available from a drug manufacturer, he can prescribe a compounded medication. Specially trained pharmacists make your prescriptions in the strength and dosage form exactly the way your doctor orders. Then medicine is shipped to you in discrete ambiguous packaging to protect your privacy.

Authorized TriMix-gel and TriMix for Travel pharmacies have state of the art compounding facilities. Class 100 compounding enclosures ensure all products meet or exceed United States Pharmacopoeia requirements. PCCA trained staff strictly adheres to the policies and procedures of the American Society of Healthsystem Pharmacists.

The highest quality custom compounded products are filtered to 0.2 microns in multiple Class 100 (ISO 5) laminar airflow hoods contained in a Class 1000 (ISO 6) clean room. Certificates of Analyses are obtained for all formula ingredients and sterile products undergo constant independent product testing.

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